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No Credit Check

Unlike our competitors, we believe in second chances. Not all buyers will have perfect credit and we don’t want those with a spotty credit report to miss out on our outstanding deals. We will not perform formal credit checks on any of our Rolling Rentals and More customers. Everyone will be offered the same great prices with easy and flexible payment plans.

 We streamlined the process to make it easy for our customers to place their custom rental orders. Apply on our website and we’ll process your request quickly. Our application form asks you for a few basic details about you and your occupation in order to determine your eligibility. We’ll also ask you to provide at least three references: two of the references can be relatives while the third must be a friend. Once we confirm the information you provided, we’ll give you a fair price for what it will cost to customize your ride.

 As part of making your payments on time, you’ll benefit by rebuilding your credit. Our customer-oriented business makes our customers love working with us.